How Much is a Record Player Worth

Looking for vinyl records and need to know the cost of a record player? Prepare for a fair starting outfit between $80 and $300. Furthermore, there are other factors.   

What’s a positive thing about a turntable?  

Many variables make a turntable successful or not. But I assume there are three simple ones that must be ticked to make a turntable a decent one. There are three non-negotiable ones.  

  1. The record player does not break the records  
  1. Record player is made to last a long time (decades)  
  1. Sounds amazing 

Other considerations include architecture, upgradability and ease of setup and use. Still let us concentrate on the three primary ones. 

Why do you buy recordings of vinyl? 

How much is a record player worth

Audiophiles can be difficult to satisfy, which is one of the reasons for the revival of vinyl. The variation in recording means that vinyl sounds much smoother than your regular CD. 

CDs are digital recordings, but not all sound input is captured as playing. If there are sounds holes, it doesn’t matter because the machine will fill in them. 

On the other side, vinyl documents any nuance. How Stuff Works describes the process really well so check it out if you want to hear more about it. However, for most of us it is important to actually realize that a vinyl album has more scope. 

You should consider purchasing a record player for this purpose. The next question will inevitably be how worthy a record player.” The answer, maddeningly enough, is It varies.” You can get tables at a variety of different rates as anything in existence. 

Why is the $400 to $700 the location for a decent turntable? 

Since this is the price point where all three basic boxes are ticked up by the lowest price plates. And that really gives a fantastic return for money. 

It is tough to locate a turntable under $400 to tick both boxes. We can find vintage record players of decent quality that do not break your wallet. But it is difficult to locate a turntable of less than $400, which sounds fine enough not to show shortcomings in an impressive Hi-Fi stereo. 

Of necessity, this is a debatable and to some extent personal choice. But in my own experience, I find this to be real. And several other lovers of vinyl appear to share this vision with me. 

When we cross the $700 mark, turntables deliver greater and better sound, but the value for money is drastically diminished, as we continue to spend a great deal for smaller and smaller sound quality upgrades. 

The $400 to 700 price range is the best place to buy a nice turntable that looks amazing and can be appreciated for a long time. 

What is the right record player to purchase? 

This is a busy issue that will focus on the budget you should set aside. What choice you get depends on the output you seek. It is advisable to receive the highest standard, ideally in a model that you can update later. 

If you don’t know if this is the path ahead, keep within a minimum $80 – 100 price range. Make sure it has an incorporated preamp so you can conveniently pip the signal to your speakers. 

See our full purchasing guide for more detail on selecting the right record player. 


How much is the expense of a record player? A decent preamp with good mid-range turntable output costs between $50 and $200. The Pro-Ject Phono box MM which usually sells for just under $100 and the Rega Fono Mini A2D that usually sells for just under $200 are two perfect options. 

If you need help with your needle, check these following instructions:

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