How to Connect Record Player to Speakers

When happen, It’ll happens. You wanted to practically give vinyl a whirl. Well done! But now you have hollow bottles, plastic corners, wrapping bubbles, random cords, and costly devices around you. And what you want to do is listen to your house to the sweet sounds of the vinyl.  

How would you do as an audiophile?  

Next, take a deep breath and don’t dream about opening your playlist for your iPhone. We will lead you through the step by step method of connecting record player speakers so that you can be linked to your music in no time!  

The four components required in a vinyl stereo 

The four components required in a vinyl stereo

I am sorry, but as I have already described, there are four components which must be in a stereo to play vinyl records.  

  • Turntable   
  • Preamp   
  • Amplifier  
  • Speakers 

Let us look at them in more depth before we get to the five potential vinyl player stereo system setups.  

The first is a good record player.  

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The record player  

We all know this one, I suppose. There’s one thing worth remembering. When it comes to what kind of signal, there are two versions.  

Some swivel outputs a PHONO signal. And a few switchboards exit a LINE signal.  

A toggle that provides a PHONO signal must be attached to a preamp. And a turntable with a LINE signal would have an integrated preamp.  

So turntables come with preamps and without preamps.  

If you have a preamp in your turntable, you’re ready to go. It can be wired to an amplifier or powerful speakers.  

But if your turntable does not have a preamp, you require a standalone preamp or a built-in amplifier.  

Make sure your turntable has an incorporated preamp and a line signal is provided if you wish to connect it directly to the speakers.  

The Phono or Preamp Level  

The preamp is a part that cannot be omitted in a stereo system for vinyl play.  

It has two main roles.  

The first is to correct the sound of the signal collected by the platform. The bass (lower tones) of the music is considerably reduced and the treble (higher notes) is considerably reduced when a song is sculpted.

This is because fewer tonalities take up more spatial space than higher tones in recordings (wider grooves). This RIAA equalization strategy is used in order to space more than one song on either side of an album.  

The first and most important duty of the preamp is to adjust the signal tone so that the music sounds correct.   

The other job is to raise the small PHONO signal which the turntable receives to the level signal known as a LINE signal. LINE level is a normal signal level, which is created by all consumer music devices such as CD and DVD players. And an amplifier may be input. Or to speakers involved.  

The amp  

The amp clearly (or not simply takes the signal from the preamp as the intermediary between the preamp and speakers, which raises the signal to one that your speakers can hear. So its name.  

The speaker  

The speakers translate the power-enhanced music to sound in the air.  

If the speakers are passive, a standalone amplifier is required for driving them.  

But they have a built-in amplifier whether they are active or powered. This implies that every source that sends a LINE signal may be related to it. Requires a tourniquet and an incorporated preamp.  

In order to directly attach your turntable to speakers, make sure you operate active/powered speakers.  

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Stereo Settings  

There are a total of five different ways to install a stereo that plays vinyl albums. As we saw, only one of them helps us to connect to speakers directly.  

  •  Turntable with integrated preamp  
  • Speakers powered  

Setup 1:  

  • Turntable with integrated preamp  
  • Speakers involved  

 Setup 2:  

  • Turntable with output PHONO  
  • Preamp Standalone  
  • Speakers involved   

Setup 3:  

  • Turntable with integrated preamp  
  • Receiver/amplifier  
  • Speakers passive  

Setup 4:  

  • Turntable with output PHONO  
  • Amplifier/Receiver with integrated preamp.  
  • Speakers passive  

Setup 5:  

  • Turntable with output PHONO  
  • Preamp Standalone  
  • Receiver/amplifier  
  • Speakers passive  

Up set, Spin! Ready, set, turn!  

Congratulations on going back to the past to hear the warm, rich sounds of vinyl by using digital technology! Who says you can’t get everything?  

In reality, digital music is a gift in your car, in the gym and on the go. But we think that there is no pure style of music except vinyl on a turntable for full music immersion into your home — no matter how you plan to set up it. 

Now we will help if you know what you want and wonder what the speakers cost. 

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